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Details of Our
Datacenter and Network Information

Digital Synapse Bangladesh Hosting Network

Digital Synapse utilizes reliable and redundant networks and our own data center. We currently provide services out of Two facilities. Each location is powered by tier 1 providers for optimal network connectivity. Each location utilizes Cisco network hardware along with UPS battery backups and Diesel generators for extended periods without local power.

Server Configuration

Our basement node is using the following Specification:
Intel Xeon Quad Core [3.5GHz]
Ivy Bridge E3-1270 with 8MB Intel Smart Cache
1TB X 4 GB SATA HDD with RAID10 Protection
Weekly backup
Premium Bandwidth Supplied By ZX online and aamra networks (Quality Assured with Two 10G Network)

Location - Gausul Azam Market, Nilkhet | Server No 1

Digital Synapse's Main Datacenter is located in a private data center facility in Gausul Azam Market, Nilkhet which is Digital Synapse's current HQ. The facility is also home to data centers belonging to nilkhet local business, and receives power from two redundant power grids. It includes on-site cooling, fully meeting cooling requirements.


Capacity: more than 1000 dedicated servers
UPS Battery Backup Units
Diesel Generators w/ On-site Fuel Storage
Redundant HVAC Units
Fire Suppression system
Proximity Security Badge Access
Digital Security Video Surveillance

Location - New Market City Complex | Server No 2

Digital Synapse's New Market City Complex data centre has a capacity of 1000 servers to support new cloud computing product.


Capacity: more than 5,500 dedicated servers
UPS Battery Backup Units
Redundant HVAC Units
Diesel Generators w/ On-site Fuel Storage
Fire Suppression System
Proximity Security Badge Access
Digital Security Video Surveillance

The future is bright, and we're constantly on the lookout for modern and groundbreaking new technology to enhance your experience with Digital Synapse. We religiously ensure that all of our existing hardware and software resources are up-to-date - Digital Synapse is always your destination for the ultimate in speed, reliability and security.

Technology Partners

We use the BEST in the industry, see them by yourself.

Current Statistics
  • Domain Hosted - 100+
  • Ticket Resolved - 10
  • Ticket Response Time - 20 Min. Avg
  • March Uptime - 100%

Registered in Bangladesh under Dhaka City Corporation with Trade License # 0310525

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